Angling in Nature’s Midst

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Odisha’s nature has lot to offer. Nestled by nature, Odisha’s many of the green destinations could be made experience to cherish lifetime.


Bhitarkanika Jungle Resort developed by Sand Pebbles Tour N Travels ( I ) Pvt. Ltd. while has promising deliveries for holidayers, the provision of angling in its pond in the Jungle Resort has turned to be an interesting pastime after main course of moving around the national park in the midst of nature.


Angling is a method of fishing by means of an “angle” (fish hook). The hook is usually attached to a fishing line which is often attached to a fishing rod. Fishing rods are usually fitted with a fishing reel that functions as a mechanism for storing, retrieving and paying out the line.


The hook itself can be dressed with lures or bait. A bite indicator such as a float, and a weight or sinker is sometimes used.


Tourists enjoy fishing using angles popularly called angling enjoyed since ages in different forms throughout the world as part of tourism interest. In the Bhitarkanika Jungle Resort the carefully prepared pond in the midst of Swiss tents that accommodate valued guests, as the experience shows tourists are enjoying catching fish on their own.


Well prepared angles are supplied with lures for the fish to be attracted faster.


The tourists’ later love to enjoy the preparation made in very hygienic kitchen in the premises of Jungle Resort completes their experience of angling and relaxing amidst nature’s beauty.


Angling as part of tourism is catching up in Odisha. Bhitarkanika Jungle Resort has beyond doubt become the pioneer.