Be blessed by Jahania Pir in nature’s bounty

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Myth, legend and history have blended in harmony with each other and people since centuries are visiting a centre of faith Jahania Pir, just 70 KM from Odisha’s State capital Bhubaneswar towards sea in Puri District.


Nestled by nature with sprawling forests and dotting sea tides this 4 century old centre of faith draws huge crowd in the full moon night of Indian Month Kartik ( Oct-Nov) as locals believe that was the day the Arab born spiritual personality had taken birth.


Legends say Hazrat Makmud Jahania Jangngast Ali had reached a unknown place near Astaranga in Puri District,. The spiritual personality had taken sea route from Arab to reach here along with a teenage boy from Arab.


It is said that after reaching the place in sea route the old man had to face the wrath of local rulers. The then rulers of Odisha who were from Maharastra one of the western states of India subcontinent attacked the ‘intruder’ and tried to annihilate him fearing the old man could be part of external aggression process from Muslim world.


Locals too joined the rulers and attacked the Arab old man. However the old man with his ‘spiritual power’ could sustain all the military threat continued to live inside the deep sea. The teen aged boy was provided with food to supply the old man as few locals managed food for the Arab man being influenced by supernatural powers.


Someday the teenage boy came with personal belongings of the old Arab man like used cloths, foot wear, stick used to support in walk and informed locals that the old man wants his personal belongings if worshiped with faith would fulfill the wish of worshipers. The boy informed that the old man has vanished into sea and have taken path of ‘Jal Samadhi’.


The place of worship as time passed by became centre of faith with people feeling the spiritual bliss with fulfillment of wishes, the centre continued to grow with large number of people coming over to this unnamed and unfaced place as matter of seer faith on the bank of Bay of Bengal.


With faiths grew a magnificent place of worship called ‘Jahania Pir Pitha’ has been developed. Hundreds visit every day and seek blessings of the Pir Baba.


If you come over here do not forget to enjoy prashad ‘Kheer’ made out of rice, milk and sugar. Once this local sweet is prepared this is being offered to sea and then the pir baba before being distributed to devotees.


Just enjoy your time in the forests, take bath in the sea and lose yourself in the bounty of nature.


70 Km from Bhubaneswar is not big a distance. Starting on a taxi in the morning you can be comfortably back by the evening spending lots of time in the natures lap and either stay in Puri or Bhubaneswar. Of course you can for sure carry blessings of Baba and a beautiful memory of natural surroundings.


How to reach:


By Air: Nearest airport is Biju Pattnaik International Airport at Bhubaneswar.


By Train: There are several trains connecting from all places of the country to Puri.


By Road: Connected with the State Capital Bhubaneswar with wide four laned National Highway at a distance of 70 kms.