Confluence of connoisseurs and artistes of International repute ‘Konark Festival’

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Feted as the confluence of connoisseurs and artistes of international repute, “Konark Festival 2016” has kicked off against the backdrop of the historic Sun Temple in Konark in Puri District of Odisha.

The five day long, annual fete of Indian classical dance and music, the Konark Festival is one of the biggest dance festivals in the country. It brings the champions of different classical and traditional dance forms together to display their skill and mastery over age-old dance forms such as the classic Bharatnatyam, the graceful Odissi, the expressive Kuchipudi, lilting Sattriya, rhythmic Manipuri and the statuesque Kathak dance styles. Since 1989, the Konark Festival has been drawing tourist, dance and music lovers alike to the sandy shores of Konark.

International repute Konark Festival has been an attraction for the dance loving tourists from all across the world. Hundreds of dance lovers and tourists enjoy the five day long festival, which has begun on 1st December and will continue till 5th December 2016 . Tourists will be treated to some of the finest dance performances at an open-air auditorium.

Around 10 eminent artists from across the country will join this festival. The long list of artists with international reputation is all set to amuse the domestic and international tourists. Odissi would be performed by Madhavi Mudgal and group from New Delhi while Kuchipudi would be performed by Kishore Musolkanti and Group from Chennai. Mohiniattam would be performed by Nina Prasad and Group from Kerela and Odissi by Meera Das and Group from Cuttack. On December 3, Odissi by Jyotsna Sahoo and group from Cuttack and Bharatnatyam by A Lakshmanaswamy, Nrithyalakshana from Chennai will have performed.

On December 4, Asim Bandhu Bhattacharjee and Group from Kolkata would perform Kathak and GKCM Odissi Research Centre from Bhubaneswar would perform Odissi. Finally on December 5, Odissi would be performed by ICCR sponsored foreign classical dance group from Indonesia and Pitambar Biswal and group , while Manipuri would be performed by Priti Patel and group from Kolkata.

Located along the coastline of Odisha, about three km from the sea, the Konark Sun Temple is heavily decorated with stone carving. The entire temple complex is covered with exquisite sculptures similar to the temples of Khajuraho. At the entrance of the temple is the Natamandir, where the temple dancers used to perform dances in homage to the Sun God. The dance festival is held on the same platform.