Diwali in India

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The festival of lights is near as Nov 11 approaches, and you may well be wondering – which place would be ideal to witness Diwali in India?

Well, it’s a good thing you came here then.

We’ll take you through a few locations where you can witness the grandeur of the lights and celebrations, and hopefully not run away with your fingers in your ears screaming for the crackers to stop.

1. Jaipur

Come to the Pink City for a truly royal Diwali. Adorned in various colours and with the streets brightly lit up with lights, anyone visiting this beautiful place at this time of the year will also be amazed at the illuminated walls of the city.

Of course, everything comes at a small price. There will be the regular traffic snarls, but witnessing such a sight will help you forgive that minor inconvenience. Musicians, shops selling an unimaginably extensive range of earthenware and handicrafts await you on the streets of Jaipur at this time. The most illuminated market also wins a prize, so they have more incentive to make it prettier.

2. Goa
Topping the list for almost every occasion, the strumming-a-guitar-on-the-porch-with –a-glass-of-beer has made it to this list for its unique display of the celebrations. While it will have the regular check-list of beautiful lights and diyas, in Goa the highlight is the burning of the Narkasura demon effigy. Legend goes that this demon would come down to the villages and terrorise and eat the people. Lord Krishna however saves the day and frees them from the tyranny of the demon.

Expect huge effigies of Narkasura made which the Goans will taunt and insult as it burns down, signifying their freedom.

3. Kerala
Now Kerala has not made it to this list for its grand lights, loud explosions, or jovial celebrations. It has in fact made it to the list because of the absence of these things.

If the loud festivities are not your thing, then Kerala is the place to be. Here, Diwali is celebrated in a very low-key fashion, leaving you to bask in the beauty of the coconut trees and the serene backwaters.

The whole of India will celebrate Diwali, so make sure you plan your trips well in advance. One could, of course, stare out of their windows at the crackers being burst on the streets.

But where’s the fun in that, right?

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