Feel the Excitement this summer!

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Bored of your everyday life? This summer is your excuse to ditch the monotony of 9 to 5 life and head for a much-deserved vacation. With many long weekends coming up, you have a perfect reason to travel and travel a lot more!

Summer vacation is the best way to beat the heat of the hot summer season and spend some quality time with the family. These days, most of the people prefer adding adventure and thrill to their family summer vacation, instead of simply exploring a new place. The major reason behind this trend is that adventure gives the perfect break from the stress of daily life and brings refreshment.

Listed below are some of the activities that you can try:

1. Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand
A heaven for trekkers, but with a horrific twist as you head to the glacial Roopkund Lake. Yes, the path of this trek actually has hundreds of human skeletons scattered all over, especially near the edge of the lake. Now that’s what they call walking with the dead – a one of its own among all other adventure trips in India.

2. Caving- Meghalaya
Caving being one of the best adventure sports in India, Meghalaya, with its captivating caves is the go-to spot. Nestled among the waterfalls and green forests, these caves will definitely enthral you. So, pack your bags as you may be needing a lot of stuff along with some food in these remote caves. Don’t forget to pack some safety gear, you never know which wild friend you may meet on the way.

3. Flyboarding – Goa
You go to Goa and don’t head for the water- NO NO NO! Goa is the ultimate destination for water adventure sports in India. But water sports have taken a huge leap here with launch of internationally popular ‘Flyboarding’. Remember Hrithik Roshan steering across waves in the movie Bang Bang on a Flyboard? You too can repeat the crazy stint at Baina beach in Goa.

4. Skydiving- Mysore
Desired to fly freely like a bird? This is your chance! Go skydiving and let yourself loose! Scared to risk your life? Kidding. Go with an expert! Mysore is the best place to undertake this adventurous trip in India with fascinating view of blue sky and extreme greenery sprawled across the valley.

5. Hot Air Ballooning- Rajasthan
Hot air ballooning is a new adventure activity in India that is fast growing in popularity. It allows adventure lovers to have a peaceful and stunning view of India’s natural beauty from a place quite high above the land. Hot air ballooning in Rajasthan is one of the most opted adventure activities among the tourists who embark on family summer vacations in India. The flight on a hot air balloon starts from near Jaipur, heads towards Pushkar and finally lands at the spectacular Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan.