Beach Festival in Gujarat!

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The beautiful state of Gujarat is known for its pristine beaches and has a 1600 km long coastline, which would be a complete waste if not utilized properly! Mandvi has been always a traveler’s favourite. To bring out their charm and to accentuate them as a travel destination, the Government of Gujarat has organized five day long beach festival.

Gujarat Beach Festival:
The Government of Gujarat has organised a five day beach festival all throughout the state in order to attract more tourists. The beach festival started on 14th May 2016 and will go on till 18th May 2016. As this is the first year, 5 beaches will be hosting the festival and those are Mandvi, Veraval, Tithal, Madhavpur and Shivrajpur.

The festival has an interesting schedule planned. Various activities like zorbing, beach volleyball, pier climbing, commando net etc will be held on these beaches. Apart from these activities, you can try your hand at various adventure and water sports which will held during the festival. To keep the crowed more entertained, musical concert nights, folk dance, singing performances, traditional dayro and garba have also been oraganised. Now you can sing and dance your heart away to glory!

Apart from this, you can enjoy authentic Gujarati food and local street food at the food court. People who like collecting handicrafts won’t be disappointed here! There is a special handicraft market just for you! Children can enjoy activities like painting, horse riding and camel riding!

In all, this 5-day Gujarat Beach Festival seems to be an interesting and entertaining event. So why not make the most of it! Take a small trip with your family and have a memorable time! People who already in Gujarat shouldn’t miss this at any cost. The combination of beach and so many fun activities sounds super fun!

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