Kanha Tiger Reserve

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The kings of Indian jungle when it comes to tiger parks, this place is nicknamed as the “Heart of India” the beautiful state Madhya Pradesh and Kanha is one of the most famous places. Known as one of the best habitats in India the Kanha Tiger Reserve covers an area of 1,949 sq.km. The present dominant tiger male, Munna over here, is quickly identified by a symbol on his forehead that reads as “CAT”. The Kanha Tiger Park is set in the Central Indian Highlands that are part of the vast tableland which forms India’s leading peninsula.

Kanha Tiger Reserve is one of the best habitats for tigers in India the present powerful male, Munna, is easily identified by a mark on his forehead that reads – “CAT”. Situated in the Central Indian Highlands, that are part of a broad level elevated area that shapes in India’s main peninsula. Previously theses highlands were continuous forests and considered as a remarkable part of the country’s wilderness areas and wildlife habitats.

Kanha Tiger Reserve has a large tiger population in the park and, one can also see leopards, the sloth bear and Indian wild dog. The very rarely seen are the Indian wolf which resides in the far east of the park.

The Kanha Tiger Park is generally a moist Sal also a moist mixed deciduous forest that features trees such as Sal, Bamboo, Tendu, Jamun, Arjun and Lendia. A home to over 1,000 species of flowering plants and about 300 species of birds.

About 175 varieties of birds are there in Kanha National Park including the Purple Heron, Paddy Bird or Indian pond heron, Shikra, and the White-eyed Buzzard.

Kanha Tiger Parks have many animals they are Indian gray mongoose, Bengal fox rhesus macaque, leopard cat, Indian porcupine, golden jackal, smooth-coated otter, Indian spotted chevrotain, small Indian civet, ruddy mongoose, striped hyena, jungle cat, honey badger, Indian pangolin, and many more.

Park timing here:

Winter: Morning: 6.45 am to 12.15 pm | Evening: 2.30 pm to 5 pm

Summer: Morning: 6.30 am to 12 pm | Evening: 3 pm to 6.15 pm