Daru Sagadi Yatra of Lord Jagannath 2015

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Lakhs throng to have a glance of Daru Sagadi as gigantic logs roll on to Puri

With the holy caravan carrying Lord Jagannath’s daru rolled on its way from Kharipadia in Jagatsinghpur district to Srikshetra Puri, the Banajaga Jatra (journey in search of neem logs from which idols of the deities of Puri temple are carved out) by the temple servitors has almost reached the penultimate phase.


It’s a matter of few days when the daru of Lord Jagannath would arrive at Koili Bakuntha,, where darus of Lord Sudarshan, Lord Balaram, Devi Subhadra  have been  kept for idol making. The whole world witnessed the sentiment of the devotees and aficionados of Jagannath cult starting from identification of darus of Lord Jagannath and his siblings to their departure from the daru location. At all four places where the divine “neem trees” were discovered devotees left no stones unturned to reach the place and have a darshan of the divine trees.


Devotees mainly from across the state gathered in thousands at each and every daru spot, to have a glimpse of their Lord in raw form and to quench their spiritual thirst.  Once the announcement regarding the presence of  daru at any place  was made by the temple administration the spot immediately transformed into place of pilgrimage. The state administration had to make sufficient security arrangement to maintain law and order and peace everywhere.  After performing traditional rituals near the designated neem trees, the same trees have been chopped off; desired pieces of logs were sliced off and then have been carried to Puri temple on wooden carts specially made for the purpose, for manufacture of idols of the sibling deities.


Once the daru of Lord Jagannath reaches Puri temple, then “Gupta Neeti” (secret ritual services) would be performed to proceed for idol making. Myths has it that  the initial idol making in 12th century was also done in a clandestine manner by one carpenter, believed to be  a heavenly man in disguise, in a closed room.  The sitting idols of the deities would be last seen during the “Debasnanapurnima” on June 2 next. After that old idols would be replaced with the new ones and public would have a darshan of the new deities during the next Rathayatra in coming July, which would mark the end of Nabakalebara, the process of which has started from Banayaga Yatra.