‘Mukteswar Dance Festival’ a visual treat for Tourists

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The open air auditorium at the backdrop of the 10th century Odisha architectural marvel Mukteswar Temple in the state capital will come alive on January 14, 2017. The winter chill, the mystic ambiance, and the surrounding juxtapose together will create a visual treat for the tourist and denizens in Odisha.

Named after the temple, the annual Mukteswar Dance Festival is not just very popular among foreign tourists who come here to witness India’s traditional dance forms but is treated as once in a lifetime event.

Classical Odissi dancers perform in the backdrop of the ancient Mukteswar temple in the three-day annual traditional dance festival beginning from January 14. The festival will feature both male and female performances in solos, duets, chorus, and groups. The festival will showcase the talent of both veteran and young talented dancers.

The most awaited cultural event will feature Odissi by internationally acclaimed dances in one stage. Acclaimed Odissi dancer Sujata Mohapatra, Pankaj Pradhan and Saraswati Gora of Kolkata will perform solo Odissi.

Renowned Bhubaneswar-based Odissi dancer Pabitra Pradhan & Sri Dutta Bhol, Sachikant Pradhana & Swagtika Sahoo, Subhalakshmi Padhi & Arti Kar will perform Duet Odissi in the three-day dance festival.

Founder and artistic director of Bangalore-based Sanjali Centre for Odissi Dance, Sharmila Mukherjee & Group, Anirudha & Group of one of the oldest dance institutions in Delhi, the Natya Ballet Centre and Subash Swain & Group of renowned of Nrutangana in Dhenkanal will perform Group Odissi and mesmerise the audience in the backdrop of 10th century temple.

Bhubaneswar based Krushna Chandra Ray, Sangita Panda & Group, and Sukant Kundu & Group will perform Chorus in the dance festival.

The eminent exponents of Odissi dance are sure to make the stage livelier with their magical performances. This festival celebrates the features of Odissi, the classical dance form of Odisha. Popular Odissi dancers perform during the function, accompanied by instruments like mardal. It will be a rare opportunity for the audiences to see dance performances by internationally acclaimed dancers in one stage.