Odisha Tribal Culture: A world in itself!

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Among the serene places in East India, Odisha has its unique charm. The nestling shores, fascinating wild life, divine temples, sandy beaches and a perfect blend of primitive and modern lifestyle make Odisha truly distinctive.

The most intriguing feature about Odisha that remains clandestine and unexplored is the tribal culture. Over 62 tribes are recorded in the state. This blend of two distinct civilizations with contrasting culture and identity is absolutely worth experiencing!

Places such as Koraput, Rayagada, Kalahandi, Naurangpur, Malkangiri etc are home to many tribes. While some of them spend a secluded life, others have ventured into modern society. Tribes in Odisha differ from each other in terms of language, culture, tradition and rituals. They can be classified into 3 divisions i.e. the Indo-Aryan, the Dravidians and the Austric &Tibeto Burmese.
Tribal people don’t have a set occupation for their livelihood. They engage in various activities such as hunting, gathering and fishing. Those who live in the hilly regions of Orissa are involved in shifting cultivation or work in mills and industries. Tribes like the Bondo and the Gadaba have their looms and are involved in making clothes. Loharas and Mohali are engaged in basket weaving and tool making. Tribes such as Munda, Oran, Ho and the Santhals have switched to mines, industries and factories. That which distinguishes one tribal community from the other is their traditional and cultural background.

The tribal communities celebrate various festivals like birth ceremony, marriage, harvesting, sowing, tribal songs and dancing. The popular festivals, celebrated by the tribes are Chaita Parab, Push Parab etc.

Below you can find some of Odisha’s major tribes and the area where they can be found:
Saura: Ganjam, Koraput, and Bolangir
Gadaba: Nowrangpur, Koraput and Malkangiri
Koya: Koraput and Malkangiri
Paraja: Kalahandi, Koraput and Sundergarh
Bonda: Koraput and Malkangiri

One thing that we can learn from the tribal people is the way they lead their life, it teaches us how we can live to the fullest with very little. Although these tribal people lack the very basic needs of life, yet their lives feel complete. It is worth experiencing this atleast once!

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