Panchalingeswar-A Spritual Encounter

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Serene and quiet, coupled with the majestic scenic beauty of nature at its glory, Panchalingeswar offers a unique life experience. Situated amidst the beautiful hills of Nilagiri Hills which is considered to be an ideal tourist spot for many, Panchalingeswar is about 8 kms from Nilagiri and 30 kms from the city of Balasore. The very peaceful atmosphere amidst nature’s beauty, the visit to Nilagiri Hills and Panchalingeswar relieves the stress.


With the name signifying the five lingas of Lord Shiva, Panchalingeswar is famous for its unique “panchalinga” enshrine in the temple. Mighty waterfalls and the majestic hills allure the tourists to visit the place repeatedly. The springs through the hill ranges attract tourists to the place. Situated on the hilltop Panchalingeswar houses five Shiva lingas, immersed in the depths of small waterfall. Climbing the 263 steps to reach the temple though a bit difficult yet once reaching, the temple gives a feeling of contentment. A sense of adventure arises when it becomes difficult to locate the Pancha Linga’s during monsoon as the small waterfall widens up and to touch the Lingas one has to lay flat on a rock and get a feel of the Lingas.


Trekking through the Nilagiri hills, the tourists can come across the sights of small yet beautiful tribal villages and hamlets. One among the villages is Baulagadia about 5 kms from the Nilagiri town is famous for the stone-carving on black granite.


Travelling to Balasore either by road or rail from the State Capital Bhubaneswar takes 3-4 hours and then trekking to the Nilagiri hills depends on once pace. Panchalingeswar Panthanivas welcomes the guests and putting up there has its advantages of enjoying nature’s beauty since it is away from the din and bustle of Balasore city and closer to Rajnilagiri. Besides Panthanivas, there are other Private Hotels where accommodation and food is charged nominally.