Raahgiri Day presents Bhubaneswar as sustainable and environment friendly city

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Raahgiri, an event that promotes car-free and pollution-free streets, celebrates the spirit of joy and togetherness. Activities like biking, skating running and recreational activities like zumba, yoga, street dancing etc are a part of community building which in term aims at making Bhubaneswar a sustainable and environment friendly city.

Raahgiri Day, India’s first sustained car-free initiative began in Gurgaon on 17th November, 2013 and slowly picked up momentum to becoming popular. Today, it is organized in various cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Hyderabad.

In collaboration with EMBARQ India, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation organized the event with the tagline “Apni Raahen, Apni Azaadi”. During the event, one section of Janpath will be restricted to cars and other motorized vehicles. The street will see citizens riding bicycles, skating, painting, doing yoga, zumba etc. Raahgiri Day made its debut in the state capital on 17th January 2016 and is celebrated on every Sunday. Community-bonding activities like acrobatics, story-telling, street dancing, yoga were an instant hit both among young and elderly people. While some preferred to walk down a one km stretch, youngsters preferred singing and dancing instead. This initiative is more to do with the people specially cyclists and walkers asserting their rights on the road. Students from schools across the city organized a campaign to create awareness about cleanliness.

Some of the actively participating members were Lok Sabha Member Prasanna Patsani, Mayor A.N. Jena, Chief Secretary A.P. Padhi, Police Commissioner Dr. R.P. Sharma and DCP Satyabrata Bhoi