Ravana’s savior Devi Lankapati worshipped as Barahi

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It is believed that Devi Lankapati was in charge of the mighty Ravana’s security. When Hanumanji tried to enter Lanka, he was caught and in the tussle Devi Lankapati was slapped by him which turned her face. Thought this dates back to the Tretiya period, yet people worship her in the name of ‘Barahi’ situated in the border of village Chaurasi and Hirapatna in Odisha state located on Nimapada-Kakatpur road. Tourists, Tantriks and historians across the globe visit this temple to practice the doctrines of Tantra.


History shows that the temple was built in the 10th century by the King of Somabansh much before the Konark Temple. Resembling the Southern temples of Indian this temple was built in ‘khakar’ design. Archeological Survey of India experts opine that the temple embraced both Buddha and Sanatan Dharma.


The locals believe that people suffering from any kind of disease are cured here. Even childless couples after visiting this temple and wishing for a child have been blessed. The goddess grants the wishes of all people. Lot of people from Nepal visits the shrine to practice Tantra here.


The deity is holding a fish in one hand and on the other holds the skull of a man while sitting on a buffalo. It is believed that the Goddess had a diamond in her navel which was taken by Kalapahada. The face of the Goddess is like a boar and the deity almost looks lively inside the temple. The temple walls are inscribed with other Gods and Goddesses. Every day the Goddess is offered fruits and sweets but during Dusshera other cooked delicacies are prepared and offered as Prasad to the deity. The temple remains open from morning 5.30 am to evening 5.30 pm.


Been surrounded by greenery and having a peaceful atmosphere adds up to the beauty of this temple. The serene atmosphere takes away the anxiety and tiredness, opine some of the visitors. Close to the temple is the Prachi river which really adds up to the beauty. Initially the locals maintained the temple, but since 40 years, Archeological Survey of India has taken up the task. However, earlier it was considered one of the famous picnic spots yet the increase in visitors for picnic just made the locality polluted and therefore it was stopped.


One can visit the temple any time of the year. During Dusshera more people visit the temple and offer the prayers. Though there is lodging facility out there yet one can stay either in Nimapara or in Kakatpur famous for the sweets and Goddess Mangala.


How to reach:


This place is approx. 30 Km. from Konark and 14 Km. from Kakatpur village.


By Air: Nearest airport is Biju Pattnaik International Airport at Bhubaneswar.


By Train: Nearest Railway Station is also at Bhubaneswar.


By Road: From Bhubaneswar it is 72 kms and one can really enjoy nature’s beauty while travelling by road.