Sanaghagara A Paradise On Earth

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Nestled in the pristine nature, the Sanaghagara waterfall in Odisha’s Keonjhar district is a pure visual delight. Often described as paradise on earth, the serenity of the place fills the tourist’s mind and heart with complete bliss and eternal ecstasy.


Located close to National Highway 6 towards Sambalpur, the 100-feet high waterfall is visited by thousands of tourists, both domestic and foreign, throughout the year.


With the onset of winter, the rush of people to the place to spend some time increases. The period from October to March, considered the best time to visit this waterfall, marks maximum visit of tourists.


Just eight km from Keonjhar district headquarters town, the area is spread over 488 hectares of hilly tract with characteristic mixed deciduous and miscellaneous type of forest vegetation.


The famous waterfall with perennial stream adds to the natural beauty of the local forest is well looked after by the district administration.


Situated at an average elevation of 1950 ft above sea level, the place offers the tourists a chance to experience a comparative cool summer and cold winter. It records a moderate annual rainfall of about 1500 mm and temperature ranges from 14.7 degree Celsius to 41.1 degree Celsius. The relative humidity varies between 41 to 93 per cent and normally no frosting occurs in this region, thus making it an ideal place for tourists of any parts of the globe to cope to the environment.


An extremely undulating terrain with steep hills, pediments and a “V” shaped narrow valley, the area drains into the river Baitarani through Machhakandana Nala.


The perennial Sanaghagara falls with a terrifying sound that allures the visitor and casts its magnifying effect by touching the heart of everyone who ever visits it. Considered Odisha’s one of the most enchanting waterfalls, the waterfall, amid a calm and cool surrounding of natural rain forest, looks like a fresh bathed spinster.


The water is as pure as ever, clear and lucid enough to force the visitor to jump and take a fresh shower under the flowing stream. The Machha Kandana, a small river nearby, plunges from a height of 30.5 metres (100 ft) in two drops.


Travel Information:
Nearest railway station: Keonjhar
104-km from Rourkela via Bonaigarh, by bus.


Famous for:
Picnic Spot and short trekking
Nearby Locations: Badaghagara waterfall, Keonjhar