Satapada – Place to enjoy the unique world of Dolphins in nature’s bounty

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Dolphins dancing to the tune of nature are the main attractions as are the migratory birds in Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon. The simplicity of nature comes here in various forms.

The silent nature of Chilika with small waves makes the tourist delighted.

Approaching the lagoon from Satpada end Dolphins are the principal attraction.

After about an hour’s boat journey from Satpada shore your boatman will stop the motor of your boat. You have arrived at your destination. The Dolphin Point.

There you will find so many cavorting dolphins playing hide and seek. They will come peeping out of water and will vanish like lightning.

Capturing these unique species on your camera perhaps will be the biggest challenge.

Nestling in the heart of coastal Odisha, spreading over a vast area that runs along the borders of the three districts of Puri, Khurda and Ganjam, finally joins the Bay of Bengal through a narrow mouth forming an enormous lagoon of brackish water.

Dotted with many emerald green islands bearing colourful names such as Honeymoon Island, Breakfast Island etc, Chilika is the home of a rich variety of aquatic fauna.

It is also a sanctuary and winter resort for migratory birds, some of which are even from as far as Siberia.

Having large varieties of fishes in its womb the lake provides livelihood to thousands of fishermen. Hundreds of boats sail out daily in the dawn in search of mackerel, prawn, crab and other sea-food. While passing through on a motor boat, the fishing from motor boats adds to the attraction of the tourists.

With hills on the three sides, Chilika lake’s colour changes with the passing clouds and the shifting sun. The water ripples languidly, occasionally dancing with the gentle breeze front across the Bay of Bengal.

While sailing in Chilika one will see a number of colourful islands on the both sides. If it is winter large number of birds will welcome you with their sweet sounds, which have come from far distance like Siberia. One will also witness many fishermen with their sail boats or catamarans hauling their nets with a rich catch of fish, crab or prawn.