Lights, Sounds, Action. Experience the Kalinga Wars!

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Welcome to Shanti Stupa at Dhauli hill.

Here, the world will see Odisha’s first light and sound show.

The great history of Kalinga War, fought around 261 BC and followed by the significant transformation of Mauryan emperor Ashoka from Chandashoka to Dharmashoka, will be brought to life before the tourists through a 30-minute show here.

The Kalinga War was a bitter battle fought between emperor Ashoka and the then ruler of Kalinga (the ancient name of Odisha).

Standing on the Dhauli hill top, Ashoka was horrified to see the Daya river flowing below turn red with the blood of the slain Kalingan soldiers. Yes, Ashoka had won the war, but it seemed to him that the victory was almost like a defeat considering the number of lives taken. This revelation inspired him to get converted to Buddhism.

Thus, he turned an ambassador of universal peace and a crusader against violence.

The Ashokan edicts, the Peace Pagoda built by the Japanese and the Daya river flowing below the Dhauli hill attract a large number of tourists today.

The light and sound show at Dhauli has been operated on an open air platform, adding to its visual appeal. The show has been designed with the latest 3D projection mapping technology and has the involvement of internationally acclaimed professionals like Himanshu Singh Sabharwal and Ross Aston.

The show redefines story telling by using lights and audio system that are at par with international lights and sound shows prepared by professional teams and state-of-the-art technology.

To add to the experience, there are narrations painted by the famous artist Maria Rud.

Bollywood too has lent its creative talent to add to the splendor of the performance. The background voice for the show is given by Bollywood artist Kabir Bedi in English while another Bollywood veteran actor Om Puri has given his voice in Hindi.

Odia cine star Bijaya Mohanty has also rendered his voice in Odia presenting the audience a lively show about the great Kalinga War and emperor Ashoka’s edifice of universal peace and non- violence.

The show will be open on all days barring Mondays and days where the weather does not permit a show. Sparing no expenses, 60 mln rupees has been sanctioned by the Indian government for the show, to ensure that whoever sees the show leaves with an unforgettable experience!

Come, experience the Kalinga War and the great Emperor Ashoka’s transformation in a show that will excite your senses and expand your mind. Come to Shanti Stupa.

The show will be operated all days except Mondays and bad weather days