The Puri Sea Beach

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Puri perhaps is the only most popular sea-side tourist spot in India where the beauty of the sky in radiant colours, the roaring waves and the golden beach can be experienced to the fullest satisfaction.


Puri sea beach is the best in India to take sea bath is a pleasure and enjoyable experience. The beach is very wide and exposed and there’s not a scrap of shade to be found. This is in contrast with Mumbai, Goa, Cochin and Chennai as well as other sea beaches, taking bath in sea is a risk due to tides, under current and deepness.


The long sandy beach draws large numbers of western travelers and Indians. Puri offers the tourist the rare opportunity of witnessing the colourful Sunrise and Sunset. Puri sea beach is the right place to spend and enjoy morning and evening.Sea shells are collected here in large quantity. These are the main wealth of Puri sea beach.


It’s pleasing to witness the dawn over the sea and fishing boats. The crude construction of the boats is unusual. They are made of solid tree trunks and are enormously heavy.


According to Hindu belief, there are five great holy spots (Pancha Tirthas) at Puri out of which sea is the greatest and holiest for tourists and travelers.

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