The Wonders of the Jagannath Temple

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Now if this isn’t reason enough to visit the Jagannath temple in Puri, we don’t know what is! One of the four Dhams or four holiest pilgrimages for any Hindu, the temple is known for its rich history and the myriad stories which revolve around it. Come take a look at six of the mysteries surrounding the temple. Some of them will ask your scientific mind to give way to awe. We encourage you to.

1. The flag on top of the temple is said to flap in the direction opposite to the wind which one can feel standing on the ground. Always. This red flag atop the Temple signifies that the Lord is within the temple. The flag is replaced every single day in the evening. The person who climbs it is a male member of the family who was given the rights for hoisting the flag 800 years ago by the king who built the temple. The man climbs up the temple with his back to the temple and the new flag firmly tied to his stomach.

2. Inexplicably, birds do not fly above the temple.

3. Usually, air flows from the sea to the land during the day, and vice-versa during the night. In Puri however, the exact opposite occurs.

4. The Mahaprasad prepared for the devotees is said to have a number of magical properties. For one, it is said that the amount made is always the same. Yet, when the number of devotees range from 20,000 to 2,00,000, the food is exactly the right amount.

5. The Mahaprasad  is cooked in earthen pots using firewood. Now the process carried out is that exactly 7 pots are placed on top of each other and then put above the flame. Inexplicably, the top most pot always gets cooked first followed by the bottom pots. What’s more, the taste of the Mahaprasad always remains constant.

6. When one walks down the steps of the Mahalaxmi mandir, the sound of the ocean disappears.  The legend goes that since Goddess Laxmi is the daughter of the ocean, there is still a strong connection between the two, which is felt at her house inside the temple.

There are even more. While science may answer these mysteries for us soon, as it usually does, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the Jagannath Temple is a centre of beauty and spiritualism, one which must be experienced to be understood.

To top that all, there is only one way to truly know if this is what actually happens in the Jagannath Temple.

We urge you to come yourself and see.