Top Monsoon Tourism Destinations in India

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Here Come THE MONSOON! It’s a time to witness beauty of the nature under the rain.


A land of diversities is it landscapes, language, seasons, culture or the food, India’s grandeur of its heritage certainly transforms it into a land of beauty and admiration. The versatility of India can be explored from the backwaters of Kerala, the rippling touch of Pondicherry, from the golden sand mounds of Rajasthan, history-telling ruins of Nalanda University, the jagged temper of Ladakh, the Kutch works of Gujrat to that of patch work or Pipli Chanduas from the land of Sri Jagannath one will surely fell the “Incredible India”.


Tourists always are in dilemma to visit the places of importance that they should visit during the monsoon. Yet, we say if you love rains and the soils of India, there is no short of destinations that you can visit. The lovely getaways will surely spell a magic and make your holidays special with adventurous memories to be treasured forever.


Travel India in the Monsoon


MUNNAR : Countryside full of sprawling tea plantations, dotted green valleys, streams, cliffs, and rough rocks certainly gives the much needed break. Munnar in Kerala looks in its best revitalizing form during monsoon. One of the best places for family holidayers, honeymooners, adventure seekers, nature lovers and also for the wild life observers Munnar is undoubtedly an ultimate place to just fall in love with nature at its best. ( Best Activity: Trekking, bird watching, hiking and sightseeing, especially beautiful cascades. )


KODAIKANAL- THE PRINCESS OF HILL STATIONS : The etymology suggesting Kodaikanal as the ‘the gift of forests’, it indeed is blessed to be the same. With sun and clouds playing hide and seek amidst sudden down pour of rains, this Princess of Hill stations is definitely at its best. If you are a rain lover and would love to smell the rain washed mud, then its time you visit this land to experience the monsoon’s extravaganza. ( Best Activity: Trekking, cycling and sightseeing but high risk of landslides due to slippery mountains. )


COORG— FUSION OF BEAUTY AND TRANQUILITY : The pleasant weather, the cool breeze, the rains, the smog’s, the fresh green views are all there in Coorg to pacify your inner thirst for admiring nature’s beauty. Along with all this a hot cup of coffee will surely rejuvenate you to move ahead and bring the million dollar smile back to you after a gruesome summer. ( Best Activity: Sightseeing )


ATHIRAPALLY—A LAND OF CALMNESS AND WILDERNESS : Generally known as the “Niagra of India”, Athirapally Falls is the most popular attraction of Kerala and it looks striking during monsoon. The steepy way to the falls while enjoying the musical whispers of birds synchronizing perfectly with the loud voice of waterfall definitely mesmerizes the visitors. ( Best Activity: Sightseeing but be aware of leaches and snakes and do not try any extreme adventure activity. )


WAYANAD—REJUVENATING POINT : Wayanad’s strategic location in between of Western Ghats’ mountain gives the travelers immense opportunities to the rambling routes, mountain climbing, hiking etc. To the much delight of vacationers, the place also hosts a special 3-day monsoon festival “Splash” to portray Wayanad as the most popular monsoon place in India. ( Best Activity: Trekking, hiking and sightseeing. )


ALLEPPEY—SENSUOUS TOUCH OF MOTHER NATURE : With monsoon at its best in Kerala, Alleppey is well decorated with nature’s greenery and is counted to be one of the best places to be visited during monsoon. The very picturesque city mesmerizes with the monsoon’s water merge with rippling lakes. The transforming shades of the Alleppey environment while enjoying the Kerala Fish curry with Karimeen fry surely satisfies the taste buds too. In addition the Shikara ride amidst nature’s beauty rejuvenates the spirits too. ( Best Activity: Shikara ride, fishing, sightseeing and savouring mouthwatering local delicacies. )


JAIPUR—FRESH BREEZE OF RAIN ROMANCE : After the scorching summer, its monsoon which refreshes the new look of its forts and palaces. The Cloudy sky over the head brings a great respite and thus makes Jaipur one of the most preferred monsoon getaways in the country. ( Best Activity: Sightseeing. )


UDAIPUR—PLACE OF RIPPLES : Life in Udaipur, like its beautiful lakes, is at its full bloom during monsoon. Savour delicious ‘dil jani’ or give your taste buds a spicy treat of Dal Batti Churma, another great monsoon delight in Udaipur. If you are nature lover and would love to capture the beauty in your lens, then this is the right time. ( Best Activity: Sightseeing and boating. )


MOUNT ABU—A SCENIC VISTA AMIDST DESERT : Mount Abu is the perfect place for people who are looking for a perfect dose of nature, spirituality and adventure. There are numerous temples dotted all over the place. Adding to the beauty of this green sight are waterfalls and scenic mountains romancing with mist. ( Best Activity: Sightseeing and trekking. )


PUSHKAR—JOURNEY TO RELISH : While it rains heavily in other parts of India, plan your trip to Pushkar to explore the beautiful and soothing side of Rajasthan. It is only during monsoon that Pushkar’s famous lake sheds its dry look. The awakening peacock call, an early morning camel ride, a stroll around the market as an explorer, enjoying spicy Rajasthani dishes, watching sun going dawn and listening folk songs simply rejuvenates your spirits! ( Best Activity: Sightseeing. )


MAHABALESHWAR—BLEND OF SPIRITUALITY AND BEAUTY : If you are an adventure freak and love getting wet in the downpour then Mahabaleshwar is the best place to visit. Cool climate, fresh breeze, refreshing forest outlook and tranquil atmosphere definitely make it one of the best places to visit in India during monsoon. The place truly transforms itself into a paradise with the onset of rains. ( Best Activity: Sightseeing. )


KHANDALA—LEGEND OF SAHYADRIS : Khandala is a hilly terrain area that lies in the foothills of Sahyadris Range or the Western Ghats. The place serves as a wonderful weekend hangout and hiking point for people residing around, especially for Mumbai but with the beginning of drizzles, the scenic beauty of the place blooms like a garden of old memories and is thronged by visitors for its beauty. ( Best Activity: Hiking. )


GOA—MUCH-NEEDED BREAK : The land of beaches entices the visitors for number of visits because of its beauty. Popular festivals like Sao-Joao, the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul and Bonderam Flag Carnival falls during monsoon time which brings a fresh breeze of liveliness to its visitors. Along with this, rains also cast a spell of magic on nature too with attraction like Mollem National Park, Dudh Sagar Falls and Mandovi River painting amazing views on Goa’s sand cover. ( Best Activity: Trekking at Amboli Ghats and Cotigao and whitewater rafting in River Mandovi. )


LONAVALA—CAPTIVATING GREEN CARPET : Lonavala is a perfect choice to be at during rainy season. Unbelievable green sights, beautiful waterfalls, ponds and some wonderful sightseeing sites make Lonavala special during monsoon. With heavy clouds hammering over the head and Karla Caves and Visapur Fort just take the visitors back to the bygone era, thereby relaxing you. ( Best Activity: Sightseeing. )


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