10 Things that will definitely make you fall in love with India!

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India is a country of cultural diversity. While travelling within the country, it becomes difficult to pick a destination as it has so much to offer! So to make your travel more interesting and rich, we have listed below some of the hidden gems of India that you probably had no idea about! So have fun reading and make sure you plan your trips accordingly.

1. South Asia’s only active volcano
Witness the trails of smoke erupting from Barren Island, Andaman from a cruise and then dive into the water to see the exceptional stone and lava formations on the ocean floor.

2. Jacuzzi in the middle of the lake
Give yourself the royal treatment by rejuvenating in a Jacuzzi with a glass of wine, right in the middle of a lake! Make sure you book Taj Palace’s Jiva Spa boat for this.

3. Konyak people of Nagaland
If you feeling a tad bit adventurous, this is something you should definitely do! The Konyak people of Nagaland were formerly known for their head hunting practices. You can still see displayed skulls and bones as trophies. Take a tour to meet them and know about their fascinating culture. The Konyak’s festival “Aoleang” falls in the month of April from 1 to 6. Aoleang is the biggest festival for the Konyak. They wear their traditional attire and sing folk song to celebrate the Aoleang festival. You can also opt for a homestay with them.

4. Gobble down the famous Kashmiri Wazwan
A scrumptious affair involving 36 courses, wazwan is a feast that is definitely fit for a king or queen! Right from meatballs, seekh kebabs, spare ribs to Kashmiri pulao, phirni, kahwa; definitely a meal you won’t finish or forget!

5. Archery lottery in Shillong
Archers from all over Meghalaya gather on the grounds near Ward’s Lake and bet on the number of arrows they will hit on a bamboo drum. The organisers count the arrows shot by the archers that have hit the mark. In the meantime, others place bets on the final score. Those who get it right goes home richer!

6. Take a walk on Meghalaya’s root bridge
Built out of the roots of Ficus trees, some dating back 500 years; these bridges can withstand heavy rainfall. Do visit Umshiang Double Decker root bridge in Nongriat village, south of Cherrapunji!

7. Fly over Bir and Billing
This is the place for paragliding enthusiasts from all over the world. Amazing weather along with the sight of green terraced fields all around make this a spectacular view. Don’t forget to visit the Buddhist monasteries and Tibetan settlements nearby.

8. Night on a houseboat in Srinagar
Anchored on the Dal or Nagin Lake, these beautiful boat houses offer an ultimate romantic experience. Each houseboat comes with lavishly furnished rooms, verandahs and a terrace for nice quiet evening below the stars.

9. Sign up for a tea trail in Assam and Darjeeling
Take a trip through India’s tea paradise and earn yourself the honour of being a tea connoisseur. Luxury accommodation and extensive courses in tea appreciation, what else do you need!

10. Fort tourism in Maharashtra
Maharashtra state is spread with number of wonderful forts, nested in the Western Mountain range. This is haven for history buffs and trekkers. Maharashtra has more than 300 forts including Raigad Fort, Pratapgad Fort and Sindhudurga Fort that occupies an islet in the Arabian Sea.

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