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Visit Dhauli and enjoy the everlasting massage of peace

Dhauli in the outskirts of Odisha’s state capital Bhubaneswar that witnessed deadly, furious and most famous battle named 'Kalinga War' is also the unique place that initiated the everlasting message of peace of Lord Buddha that spread across the globe especially in South and South East Asian countries of the world. This war was the reason of transformation of King Ashoka, wherein the warrior king became a follower of Buddhism and managed to spread it around the world by following the path of peace and non-violence. It is believed that millions of people died in the war, even the females from villages were on the battle field. Blood was flowing in River Daya instead of water, which was unbearable for the King, though he won the war. The horror of war moved King Ashoka and he laid down his arms. Abandoning his sword forever he submitted to the eternal message of peace and nirvana of Lord Buddha and became his ardent follower. The Stupa or the peace pagoda as popularly referred to was inaugurated on 8th Nov 1972. Several rock edicts of the Ashokan times in Pali Lipi throws light into the life and time and takes one back to the history. Dhauligiri hills also have an ancient Shiva temple which is the place for mass gathering during Shiva Ratri Celebrations. Over the years, Dhauli –the peace pagoda is a major tourism destination for Buddhist tourists coming from across the globe and a integrated part of almost all the tour itineraries in Odisha. Dhauli is a major Buddhist destination for Buddhist tourist coming to Odisha. Please click here to see few Buddhist Orissa Tour Packages.

How to Reach Dhauli, Orissa

The peace pagoda is located in the outskirts of Odisha’s capital Bhubaneswar. It is only 10 km from the city. Proper communication and accommodation facilities are available. 

What To See:

Dhauli Peace Pagoda  , Ashokan Rock Edict , River Daya , 

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