Modern times co-existing with rustic lifestyle is the perfect way to describe Odisha. On one side, one can find a developed concrete jungle whereas on the other you can find the tribal culture, creating a stark contrast. This tribal culture is full of vibrancy and colours mainly in the form of enthusiastic folk dances, songs, art & craft, poems and tattoos.

The tribal culture of Orissa has adapted itself to many Hindu traditions. The main element are the vivacious songs and dances. Any occasion, be it a birth, death or marriage is elaborated with a song and dance performance. This is what adds happiness and liveliness in their otherwise harsh lives.

Tribal people of Odisha are strong, industrious and very hospitable in nature. They generally don’t mingle with outsiders reason being that they are not too advanced and are quiet shy in nature. Their main activities consists of agriculture, fishing and hunting from which they earn a living.

The dressing of the tribal people is very simple. Ornaments are an integral part of their attire and usually consists of armlets, bangles, necklaces, anklets, rings etc. Both men and women love tattoos and can be found on children as well.

As you travel through the scenic beauty of Odisha, you will come across many small colorful tribal groups. At Rayagada, you can stay and see the Kutia Kandha tribe or go and check out the vibrant weekly market of the tribes at Chatikona. Don’t forget to visit Bonda market, the most primitive market.

Listed below are some Orissa Tribal Tour Packages. Check them out and plan your trip accordingly. Happy traveling!

Cultural-Tribal Tour of Odisha with Chhattisgarh
Tour Code: 214
20 Nights Program
Chhattisgarh Tribal with Odisha Tour
Tour Code: 211
16 Nights Program
Odisha and Chhattisgarh Tribal Tour
Tour Code: 210
19 Nights Program
Golden Triangle –Bhitarkanika And Odisha Tribal Tour
Tour Code: BKNP10
16 Nights Program
Exclusive Odisha Tribal Tour
Tour Code: 001
12 Nights Program
Tribal Packages Dangria Kandha
Odisha Tribal Tour With Temples
Tour Code: 002
13 Nights Program
Tribal Packages Gadaba Tribes
Odisha Tribal Tour Only
Tour Code: 003
06 Nights Program
Tribal Packages Dangria Kandha
Tribal Tour Odisha + Chattishgarh
Tour Code: 010
14 Nights Program

Odisha Tribal Tour

General Information:Best season to visit: It is ideal to have the tribal tour between October – March. Preferred mode of transportation: Toyota-Innova / Tavera / Scorpio / Tempo Traveler depending on size of the group. We organize hotel accommodations in tribal areas and always try to provide best rooms/hotels in these areas so that you ...


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