Unconventional places which need to be explored in India!

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India is known to be a land of great tourism potential with its hidden gems of places. Dazzling beaches, dramatic temples, exotic rain forests, massive mountains, timeless desserts, sparkling cities and the Indian peninsula creates an ultimate charm for people travelling all over the globe. Bestowed with rich natural beauty, India is the epitome of tranquility.

This summer make a trip to some offbeat destinations rather than the frequently travelled ones. Know and relive your country in a whole new way!

1. Roopkund Lake
Roopkund lake or famously known as the “ Skeleton Lake” is one of India’s most dreadfully secluded places located in the mighty Himalays. What makes it so frightening is that over 300 – 600 skeletons can be found here. If this doesn’t scare you, you might stumble on a corpse or two while you are there. Nobody knows how the skeletons got here but if local folklore is to be believed, it is the remains of an entourage that suffered the fury of the local deity Latu!

2. Khajjar
Khajjar is called India’s Switzerland and is located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. Set in the midst of the magnificent Deodar forest, it’s a pretty and quiet place to be. The green meadow adds an exquisite charm to this place.

3. The Frosty Drass
You may have heard about Markha valley but very few know about Drass, a charming valley starting from the base of the Zoij La pass. Often known as the “ Getaway to Ladakh” and is situated at an altitude of 10990 ft. above sea level.

4. Phugtal Monastery
The Phugtal Monastery is a massive cave monastery situated in steep mountains. What makes this monastery so unique is that the foundation is made of twigs and mud. Founded in the 12th century, it is a home to 70 monks. The most attractive aspect is the hollow in the rock in the cave over the monastery. The level of the water in this hollow never spills regardless of any amount of water being drawn from it and is believed to have healing powers!

5. Bhangarh
One of India’s spookiest ruins are found in Bhangarh, Alwar district in Rajasthan. The lost city is open only during daylight hours and is strictly prohibited after sunset. The myth around this place is that due to the curse if Guru Bala Nath, the whole town was vacated overnight. The tomb of Guru Bala Nath is still found amongst the ruins. Definitely not for the faint hearted and is definitely the scariest places in India.

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